Have you ever dreamt of being a FilmMaker, Singer Songwriter, a Poet, Actor or an Artist?


Could you tell a story through a piece of your Art?

Are you a Young Creative living in Waltham Forest?


THE BIG RESET is a six week project with two Masterclass Zoom Sessions a week.

This project will focus on discovering the positives that have come out of the 2020 lockdown, 

collating the untold stories on the effects of this pandemic.

The successful applicants will join us on our Specialised Training Programme, working with Industry Professionals and Special Guests. 

Developing your skills in building a narrative, through Songwriting, Spoken Word, Rapping, Film and Moving Images, Monologues or Art. Whatever Art-form you are passionate about we will work with…

In the final weeks, all work collected will culminate in a powerful powerful Documentary,

using the Stories created by all participants throughout this process.


❖ What has been the most difficult thing during lockdown? 

❖ What have you discovered that's new about yourself? 

❖ When we all reset, What would you change? 


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